And one Man created the URA
02 juli 2023 
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And one Man created the URA

In a world full of fear and uncertainties, it is hard to find your way.
You feel like everything is getting away from you. Your freedom, income, social contacts and faith forms. However, if you orient yourself well in that what is going on in your world, you notice that beautiful initiatives are also taking shape or already exist.

United People Foundation is such a form as being a Cooperative with a URA Platform which stand for Peace and Freedom of, for and by the people.
Check out our URA platform where the URA is a medium of exchange and not a goal. The URA as a medium of exchange means freedom of action and doing for every human being.
The URA as Crown of the UPF cooperative partly for this reason:

And one Man created the URA
and when people saw it was good,
they joined en masse!

Will you also join to bring about freedom for all?

Benjamin B. Happy

About the author
In my daily life I guide anyone who needs some care and psychological support. I am an international all-rounder in terms of training and I am deployable in many areas.In addition, I am the ambassador and communications manager at the United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’, standing up for the younger generation, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to give them a voice for their future in Peace and Freedom.NEDERLANDS In het dagelijks leven ben ik begeleider van een ieder die qua zorg en psychisch welzijn even ondersteuning nodig heeft. Internationaal allrounder qua opleidingen en inzetbaar op vele gebieden.Daarnaast ben ik ambassadeur en manager communicatie bij de United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’. Opkomend voor de jongere generatie, onze kinderen, kleinkinderen en achterkleinkinderen om ze een stem te geven voor hun toekomst in Vrede en Vrijheid.
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