'But I tell you' every change starts with ourselves
02 juli 2023 
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'But I tell you' every change starts with ourselves


A new world begins with ourselves. Don't get distracted by all the manipulations and stick to your heart and common sense. Go do what you came here for, be the new world and have compassion for your brothers and sisters because only if we stop the struggle, unify ourselves, and take responsibility ourselves is there nothing we cannot do!

We often hear and cry out that we are one, but do we really understand what that means?
As creators, we have free will, but this also means self-responsibility.

By stepping out of the fear propaganda and standing in our power, there is nothing we cannot do. It is fear that limits us and knocks us off balance. The fear and confusion is sown to distract, manipulate and divide us. Because when we come to the truth, stand in our power and unify, the game is over. The beautiful thing is that because of this, we are now increasingly starting to see the sloppiness and despair openly from the other side because the collective is coming to consciousness that is growing every day!

Dear people it is time to stand up and join hands. Time to take full responsibility and live the example of the new world. Stop clashing with your own brothers and sisters because we may differ slightly in opinion or because others unfairly portray us badly, stop being prejudiced when you don't know people. Stop whining and pointing at others what they all are not doing well enough while they have good intentions, help each other and be the example! See that beyond everything, we all desire the same thing, a new world where we can all be free and happy, this is the foundation we can always come back to, simple!

What we really want is what the UPF stands for: Good Management of All Life in Freedom.



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