An image of Freedom
22 februari 2021 
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An image of Freedom

Arriving at my flat on the way home, I walk towards the elevator. In the elevator is a paper with the following text:

“Don’t put your bag on the floor, the virus may have fallen on the floor. Don’t touch your bag at the bottom.”

Fear rules!

As you create fear, you can also create positive awareness. Positive awareness says that it will be very difficult if you wear a mouth mask all day to get upstairs. That means sleeping in the hall! 😊

wakker wordenAwake

Waking up consciously means being able to sleep peacefully and safely in the new world!
When do we humans wake up and realize that something is wrong! In the meantime still up with the elevator and inside!

Peace, freedom and Equality

Inside they were busy making banners and pamphlets. “Hi, Dad”, my daughter said, “are you with us?” “I have called on young people to show themselves in whatever form. Stand for Peace and Freedom and Equality!”
“Okay,” I said. The child in me, being aware of his child, honesty in everything, wakes up.vrijheid

What I hope is that my daughter and worldwide all young people recognize themselves in our pursuit of Peace, Freedom and Equality.

And we found that in the declaration-of-peace. Are you in? The purpose of this Declaration of Peace is the liberation of all children (including our inner child) on this planet, so each human can survive and live in peace and harmony with himself or herself, each other, flora and fauna.

About the author
In my daily life I guide anyone who needs some care and psychological support. I am an international all-rounder in terms of training and I am deployable in many areas. In addition, I am the ambassador and communications manager at the United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’, standing up for the younger generation, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to give them a voice for their future in Peace and Freedom. NEDERLANDS In het dagelijks leven ben ik begeleider van een ieder die qua zorg en psychisch welzijn even ondersteuning nodig heeft. Internationaal allrounder qua opleidingen en inzetbaar op vele gebieden. Daarnaast ben ik ambassadeur en manager communicatie bij de United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’. Opkomend voor de jongere generatie, onze kinderen, kleinkinderen en achterkleinkinderen om ze een stem te geven voor hun toekomst in Vrede en Vrijheid.
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