United People Foundation Makes The Difference
12 september 2020 
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United People Foundation Makes The Difference

Breaking News!! Sounds familiar?

You come home from a busy day, children are running to you, you cuddle, you sit back and relax on the couch. The dear wife asks: “a beer, darling?” You eat together and then the children go to bed. And then you think at the end of the day: Just sit down and relax! You think of a conversation you had earlier that day with a colleague. He told you enthusiastically that he had become a member of the United People Foundation/B of Joy and that he had purchased an Eternal Member Certificate because the advantages and the idea behind it appealed more to him than the current system and… no interest but still returns.

Interest is parasitic. Interest is debt

He had read on the website: interest is parasitic. Our current banking and money system is based on debt. Without debt creation there would be no money in circulation. We could not buy or sell anything. Debt has interest incorporated in it. Interest takes away money from society causing shortages. To counter these shortages, extra money is put into circulation out of thin air based on new debts. These debts also bear interest. Since hundreds of years we have been stacking debt upon debt and interest upon interest. The system is at the expense of many people, our Earth, her resources and the environment. Does this bring us joy? It doesn’t for me! Apart from that, a URA platform is in the wings where you can exchange all kinds of things with fellow members.

You can make changes!

So that’s the story I tell my wife. She jumps up and says… “what are we waiting for”… runs to the laptop, goes to the website and starts reading. I join her and what we read surprises us. At 2:30 we look at each other, startled to realise that the children will be at our bedside tomorrow morning, or in a couple of hours rather, ready to start a new day. But… it was all worth it and we’re both in possession of an EMC.

Do you recognise these moments of feeling one, honest and visionary? Then do as we did and you don’t have to go on ‘till 2:30 to join the initiative of United People Foundation and the B of Joy. See you in our member base! I’m going to get some more sleep!

If you want more information read here “What’s an EMC holder?”

About the author
In my daily life I guide anyone who needs some care and psychological support. I am an international all-rounder in terms of training and I am deployable in many areas.In addition, I am the ambassador and communications manager at the United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’, standing up for the younger generation, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to give them a voice for their future in Peace and Freedom.NEDERLANDS In het dagelijks leven ben ik begeleider van een ieder die qua zorg en psychisch welzijn even ondersteuning nodig heeft. Internationaal allrounder qua opleidingen en inzetbaar op vele gebieden.Daarnaast ben ik ambassadeur en manager communicatie bij de United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’. Opkomend voor de jongere generatie, onze kinderen, kleinkinderen en achterkleinkinderen om ze een stem te geven voor hun toekomst in Vrede en Vrijheid.
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