Who Scares Us?

Fear is one of the lowest frequencies of humans, so have compassion. I always think of the story of the pot with red and black ants….

Red and black ants live in peace with each other. Even if you put them in a jar, they will not attack each other. But if you start shaking the jar vigorously and then smash it on the ground, they’ll fight it out to the death.

The red ants think they are being attacked by the black ants and the black ants think the red ants started the war. But neither ant is aware that the pot has been shaken by someone else. We too are trapped in this proverbial pot. Let’s keep seeing who is shaking this pot instead of attacking each other. And in this new year, focus on what you are grateful for.

Gratitude is part of one of the highest vibrations in a person. It literally ensures heart and brain coherence. Heart-brain coherence ensures that the autonomic nervous system is in balance, so you can better cope with stress, have an improved focus and can think more consciously.

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In my daily life I guide anyone who needs some care and psychological support. I am an international all-rounder in terms of training and I am deployable in many areas.In addition, I am the ambassador and communications manager at the United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’, standing up for the younger generation, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to give them a voice for their future in Peace and Freedom.NEDERLANDS In het dagelijks leven ben ik begeleider van een ieder die qua zorg en psychisch welzijn even ondersteuning nodig heeft. Internationaal allrounder qua opleidingen en inzetbaar op vele gebieden.Daarnaast ben ik ambassadeur en manager communicatie bij de United People Foundation ‘Movement Young Division’. Opkomend voor de jongere generatie, onze kinderen, kleinkinderen en achterkleinkinderen om ze een stem te geven voor hun toekomst in Vrede en Vrijheid.
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