Recognizing And Using Our Free Will
10 februari 2021 
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Recognizing And Using Our Free Will

You Have Free Will

It sounds so simple and obvious, but it is not really accepted by most people. When you are truly aware that you have Free Will, it puts you in full power. But it also makes you responsible and it gives you responsibility. The realization that you have Free Will gives you the responsibility that you are the primary creator of your own life, the realization that your Free Will gives you the responsibility to choose between the forces of light and darkness – between selfishness and Selfless Love – between your separate self and the creator of heaven and earth.

Since most people don’t really want to take responsibility for what’s going on in their lives, they don’t really want to accept the idea that they have Free Will. Yet they still use their Free Will to make these choices every time – even when they are supposed to do it “unconsciously.” Of course, using this “unconscious” way of choosing will almost always end with choices made in favor of the darkness, the selfish.

Sign here the declaration of peace of your own free will

The Free Will of Othersvrije wil getrouwd

To begin with, respecting the decisions of others made out of Free Will is considered VERY ESSENTIAL and unquestionable. The only time one should / can interfere with the Free Will of others is when they want to force their will on someone else. In other words, if someone compels another to do something against their will or harms someone against their will, then we can intervene without breaking the Universal Law.

But encroaching on someone else’s Free Will is a whole different story. Universal Law dictates that we must not interfere with the Free Will of others regardless of whether we think their responses are good or not. Even if we think someone will harm themselves – we must always respect their right to do so. Even if we are certain that something is not right or that the person will be hurt, there is nothing we can do but warn them of the consequences they will cause, but we must not interfere with their freedom.

Sign here the declaration of peace of your own free will

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We at the Young Division call on you to join us by signing the Declaration of Peace. Read the Declaration of the New Human Rights and take the 12 Points of Change as your starting point! Try to implement these concepts in your life. It is time for a new generation of thinkers and doers to rise up! NEDERLANDS Wij van de Young Division roepen je op om mee te doen door ondertekening van de Verklaring van Vrede. Lees de verklaring van de nieuwe rechten van de mens en neem de 12 punten van Verandering als uitgangspunt! Probeer deze concepten in je leven te implementeren. Het is tijd voor een nieuwe generatie denkers en doeners om op te staan!
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