Fear? Trust?
11 februari 2021 
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Fear? Trust?

How do fear and insecurity affect your immune system?

Many people have been living in fear of the “virus” for nearly a year. We are inundated with information dictated by the government and media. Many people now live in fear of being infected and feel guilty if they infect others. There is now even a curfew, elderly people who have experienced the Second World War get a strange aftertaste of this situation. But they are often “locked up” in care homes.

calimero opgeslotenlockdownAs a young person you are now also very limited, almost nothing is possible anymore; no sport in a team, home study, no more shopping and no more opportunity to sit with friends in a bar or restaurant. But mandatory masks, the pressure to have you tested and an enormous urge upon us from politicians and media to get vaccinated with drugs that have hardly been tested and with a completely unknown long-term effect.

For most people, this fear and insecurity greatly weaken the immune system. All life benefits from sunlight, vitamin D3, the right vibration, (our cells work favorably with positive vibrations) love and attention for each other, especially from your family and friends.
That is why you normally feel so good in the summer when you sit on a terrace in the sun with some nice friends.

Because we now all miss this and can hardly relax and are also in a winter season, many people get flu symptoms. With the arrival of the enormous number of 5G masts, which are placed before and during the first lockdown, we are getting even more radiation. The high frequency radiation from these new 5G towers damages our soft tissues, such as lungs and brains. That is why a flu can be more annoying than before.

If your immune system is still weakened and there are possibly underlying diseases at play, this can lead to admission to hospital and to the ICU. In addition, primary care (GPs) is no longer allowed to do what they used to do before. The substances such as HCQ, zinc and Ivermectin, which for decades worked effectively against severe flu symptoms, are now being dismissed by the government as quackery. This often results in unnecessary hospital admissions. angst vertrouwen mindset positief

What can you do to boost your immune system?

  • Try to avoid the information on the Main Stream Media as much as possible, just don’t look at it.
  • Avoid wearing mouth masks as much as possible; you can find a lot of information about the effect of mouth masks on Bitchute and Duckduckgo.
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables. Avoid products with refined sugars and artificial colors as much as possible. Your body works just like a combustion engine in a car, for example. If there is too much debris in the gas tank, the engine will weaken and eventually stall.
  • Go outside as much as possible, try to catch sunlight.
  • Have fun with your family and friends, try to stay positive. A positive mindset is just as important as exercise in nature and healthy food!

This is my first blog on this platform and I hope to give some good tips and a lot of positivityWhat I have written is purely my own experience, of course everyone is free to think differently. Do your own research into the various matters that I have mentioned in this blog.

I cordially invite you to comment on this and my future blogs! Questions are always welcome.

A positive greeting,

Wilco van de Beek

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My name is Wilco van de Beek, I am 50 years old, born and raised in Barneveld. I have been asked by the United People Foundation to regularly write a blog that will cover topics related to physical and mental health. Of course I want to make this a dynamic whole; everyone is welcome to ask his or her questions and share vision. For more information about me click on the website button Nederlands Mijn naam is Wilco van de Beek, ik ben 50 jaar oud, geboren en getogen in Barneveld. Ik ben door de United People Foundation gevraagd om regelmatig een blog te schrijven waarin ik onderwerpen zal behandelen omtrent lichamelijke en geestelijke gezondheid. Uiteraard wil ik hier een dynamisch geheel van maken; iedereen is welkom om zijn of haar vragen te stellen en visie te delen. Voor meer informatie over mij klik op de website button
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