The Choice Is Yours

coronavirus uitbraakSince the covid-19 outbreak, we live in a whole different world. The governments have implemented measures and laws that are against human welfare and free will. Social distancing, mouth masks and lockdowns are gradually destroying our mental health and turning people into ruthless, miserable and selfish beings that only care about themselves. Today, everyone in our society is like “I have a job and I have money so who gives a damn about what others do”.

family watching televisionBut I cannot miss the fact that every single person is more or less responsible for our current awful situation. For two and a half years, the vast majority of citizens have done nothing but watching the progress of the news from his or her TV sitting on a cough and making stupid and pointless comments and, at the same time, accepting blindly every single cruel and inhumane measure that the goverments have imposed.

depressieThe results are horrible. Most people have become miserable, parents hate their children and each other, poverty is dramatically increasing and humans have been separated at ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated’ because the governments want that and they are propagandizing it through the media.

vaccinationAnd despite all those catastrophic consequences, people meet each other and say things like “Where do you work?”, “Have you been vaccinated” or “Have you done the third dose of the vaccine?” instead of showing compassion and discussing serious matters. Also, kids are going through mental suffering since they are isolated from their friends and are obliged to follow the rules ‘for their own good’ just like everyone else.

In the meanwhile, during this terrible crisis, we all hear about ‘climate change’, which, guess what, we are responsible for, and the need to utilise a green agenda in order to preserve the environment and ensure a better future, such as dumping fossil oils and taking advantage of clean energy. This seemingly looks pretty nice. But the harsh truth is that these kinds of measures are currently leading to an unprecedented rise in the value of basic goods, such as oil, petrol and food, causing more and more depression.

Thinking about all these things, some people start to realise that apparently governments don’t care at all about citizens’ well-being and that they are just puppets of a master plan which aims to control the world and turn us into virtual slaves who are going to work all day long in order to have a basic income and be exploited by huge corporations.
we can do thisSo how do you want to be your life in the future, to be a depressed laborer or a happy human being? What are you willing to do? The choice is yours!

John Gatselis, 16 years, Greece

About the author
We at the Young Division call on you to join us by signing the Declaration of Peace. Read the Declaration of the New Human Rights and take the 12 Points of Change as your starting point! Try to implement these concepts in your life. It is time for a new generation of thinkers and doers to rise up!NEDERLANDS Wij van de Young Division roepen je op om mee te doen door ondertekening van de Verklaring van Vrede. Lees de verklaring van de nieuwe rechten van de mens en neem de 12 punten van Verandering als uitgangspunt! Probeer deze concepten in je leven te implementeren. Het is tijd voor een nieuwe generatie denkers en doeners om op te staan!
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